SOTIRA: 52-year-old Andreas Filippou (Anthimou) cooled down on the asphalt - IMAGES

He entered on a main road with his moped and was dragged by a vehicle driven by a 46-year-old

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Andreas X Filippou (Anthimou), 52 years old from Sotira, died in a new fatal on the asphalt.

Specifically, according to the information, around 8 this morning in Sotira, the unfortunate Andreas entered with his moped from a passage in the main road of the Sotira craft area, and under conditions that are being investigated, he was dragged and hit by a saloon car he was driving. 46-year-old, also a Greek Cypriot who was heading towards the road Sotiras - Liopetriou, coming from the right side according to the course of the moped.

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The 52-year-old was taken to the General Hospital of Famagusta, where the doctors on duty confirmed his death.

The driver of the 46-year-old vehicle from Liopetri underwent a breathalyzer test with zero indication.