Emotional move by AEK Sotiras for Thanasis, Nikoleta and Alexandra

Two signed jerseys of Anorthosis Famagusta at auction for financial aid

Snapshot 2020 11 23 22.45.25 AEK Sotiras

AEK Sotiras intends to put its own stone in the fight for life given by Thanasis Athanassiou, Nikoleta Chrysanthou and Alexandra Zannetou against leukemia as well as many of our fellow human beings as well as in support of the RUN FOR AUTISM FAMAGUSTA Fund ..

According to a relevant announcement, after AEK Sotira's move to Anorthosis Famagusta and the help of the Artymata brothers (Kostaki, Panagioti and Antonis), two official Anorthosis appearances have been secured signed by the coach and the players of the team which will be granted to the highest bidder with the best bid on Christmas day.

The offers can be made either through a personal message on the AEK Facebook page or in person at Sy.Fi.AEK, or at tel. 99610203 99589310 99850767.

The highest amount will be published at regular intervals with the bidder remaining anonymous if he so wishes.

The entire amount will be allocated to financial support of the 3 children who are fighting their own battle as well as to support the Famagusta Autism Support Association.