Kokkinochoria Sewerage Council: Vacancy

Kokkinochoria Sewerage Council announces that applications are being accepted for the employment of an employer - All information

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The Sewerage Council of Kokkinohoria (SAK) announces that, in accordance with its provisions on the Regulation of the Employment of Permanent and Fixed-Term Employees in the Public Service Law of 2016 (Law 70(I)/2016), applications are accepted for the employment of a ( 1) employed for a certain period of time to perform general clerical and accounting duties.


Applications from interested parties should be submitted on the Council's Special Form, which interested parties can obtain from the Kokkinochoria Sewerage Board Offices (SAK).
Applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Application for the recruitment of fixed-term employees at the SAC for the duties of Assistant Secretarial Officer".
The applications should be delivered to the Offices of the Kokkinohoria Sewerage Council (SAK) (tel. 23257014) or sent by post through the Post Office (P.O. 36652, 5523 Dasos Achnas) by registered letter, no later than 25/10/ 2022.

It is clarified to the interested parties that the application form must be fully completed, with all the data and information requested and all the relevant certificates and certifications that they hold must be attached to it (copies of high school diplomas, degrees, certificates, experience certificates that record specific duties and with specific dates of employment, etc.), otherwise their application will not be considered.

For further clarifications, those interested can contact us by phone at the number 23257014 or at the email address [email protected].