The province of Famagusta was visited by the Minister of Health of Lithuania together with Hadzipantela (PICTURES)

Visited Famagusta General Hospital and Cultural Center of Occupied Famagusta

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In a future cooperation in the field of health with Cyprus, the Minister of Health of Lithuania Arūnas Dulkys, who on Tuesday began a two-day official visit to the island, looks forward.

The Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, visited the Famagusta General Hospital in Paralimni in the afternoon with his Lithuanian counterpart, whom he described as a "true friend" of Cyprus who always supports our positions in the EU.

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In statements during the visit, Mr. Hatzipandela said that "we will show Mr. Dulkys the Famagusta Hospital and tomorrow we will have a meeting to find ways of cooperation between the two countries."

For his part, Arūnas Dulkys said that it is his first visit to the island. He added that "right now we are all European countries fighting against the corona virus, we are in a pandemic period and we are fighting for this particular virus".

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But now, he continued "we all stand together with Ukraine and we believe that together we can fight any kind of virus" noting that the "virus of aggression" is just as bad as the pandemic.

Mr. Dulkys also said that "these days we will try to find more common ground between the two Ministries and I look forward to a future cooperation in all areas of the health sector".

At the same time, he expressed the appreciation that "we will find solutions on how to do our best in the future, not only in the matter of vaccination but also in dealing with all kinds of diseases, so that all our countries are healthy".

The Minister of Health of Lithuania also wished "prosperity" in Cyprus.

It is noted that during his visit to the Famagusta General Hospital, Mr. Hatzipantela was accompanied by the General Director of the Ministry, Christina Giannaki, while they were given a tour by the Scientific Director of the public hospital, Amalia Hatzigianni.

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After the visit to the Famagusta General Hospital, the two Ministers also visited the Famagusta Cultural Center in Deryneia.

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