Local Plan: Six-storey – five-storey – four-storey buildings in Deryneia and Paralimni – Pyrillis succeeded

The publication of the local plan, which was published on 31/05/2024, is a historical act, since it completely changes the Urban planning of Paralimni and Deryneia.

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Paralimni and Deryneia, cities now with six-story buildings

Before the Turkish Invasion, Famagusta was the Urban Center of Famagusta District. That is why, before the invasion, there were tall buildings with several floors in Famagusta, which is currently occupied. After the invasion and occupation of the City of Famagusta, the rest of the Province (free) was until last week characterized by urban planning as a Rural Area. For this reason, the construction factors in residential properties did not exceed 90% and the height did not exceed 2 floors. For these reasons until today, land development entrepreneurs emphasized the construction of houses and not apartments, there was a lack of business premises and offices.

Upon assuming his duties as Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis harshly criticized the rulers and especially the Anastasiadis Government, despite the fact that Pyrillis came from the right wing and was previously the president of the local DISY committee of Paralimni.

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Pyrillis' strategy paid off

Pyrillis completely copied the Urban Planning of Paphos. In other words, he took the maps of Paphos and himself and the Town Planners of the Municipality of Paralimni adapted these data to the geographical area of ​​Paralimni and Deryneia. His argument was "what Paphos has, we want it too" since the population and development characteristics are similar to the province of Famagusta.

He submitted a full text local plan of 356 pages together with full maps which are published on the website of the Municipality of Paralimni since November 2017. His philosophy and arguments were accepted by the Town Planning Council and the Local Plan was approved on 29.07.2021 and had to promoted for Environmental Study. According to what Theodoros Pyrillis himself often mentioned, "this remained fixed without any action for two and a half years because some wanted to bury it in order to keep Paralimni and Deryneia fixed as rural areas".

In fact, in the previous June, in a meeting convened in the presence of the deputies of the province of Famagusta and the Mayor of Deryneia (the Municipality of Ayia Napa was invited and did not attend), the completion and preparation of the Local Plan for publication was promoted with specific timetables. This was published on May 31, 2024.

“Explosion” of Contributions

Based on the now published plan, both Paralimni and Deryneia are getting the upper hand. In Paralimni and Deryneia there are now building factors that reach 160% with the possibility of building up to 6 floors. Most of the properties now in the residential area start with a minimum building factor of 100% and a height of 3 floors.

Below is the link to the now official published local plan of Paralimni - Deryneia - Ayia Napa: