Traffic accident in Liopetri: The 11-year-old was discharged - "After 70 days you came home"

"Our sailor survived by a miracle of God" - The 11-year-old who was seriously injured in the traffic accident in the settlement of Liopetriou was discharged

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The 11-year-old, who was seriously injured in the traffic accident on October 5 in the Liopetrio settlement, was discharged after 70 days of hospitalization.

In a post, his father says:

"After 70 days you came home.

Today is a day of joy, a day of happiness! A day we begged day and night to come! The day came when we were discharged! Where are we going home! We all thought that this moment would take a long time to come, but you surprised us all! Our doctor Vassilis Zerris constantly tells me how strong you are and how proud he is of you! You've had a hard time, son. You were tortured and your life was in danger due to medical negligence, but luckily you made it and I was sure of it my son! You are a real hero!!!

I thank the doctors, nurses and all the staff of the American Medical Center who treated my child, for their support, help and understanding! The neurosurgeon Vassilis Zerris together with the general director of the Ministry of Health, the honorable Mrs. Christina Giannaki, who saved my child and are next to us in everything we need. I hope and wish that all the authorities who have to help in such cases do it as Mrs. Christina Giannaki did. I thank the government for covering all my child's medical expenses. Thank you to everyone who prayed and lit a candle for my Marino! I thank God, the Virgin Mary and all the Saints who have heard our prayers and supplications. Our Marine survived by a miracle of God!!!.

I will always be a rock beside you my son. We are very happy to have you back in our home so soon!! This year we will spend the most beautiful holidays because your life my son is the greatest gift for us! Thank God!!".