Traffic on the road Sotiras - Liopetrou - Head-on collision

Vehicle head-on collision - Drivers required extrication

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A head-on traffic collision occurred a while ago on the Sotiras - Liopetrou road.

According to the first information, a saloon vehicle that was moving on the Sotira - Liopetriou road in the direction of Liopetriou deviated from its course and under circumstances that are being investigated by the Police, collided head-on with a vehicle that was moving in the opposite lane in the direction of Sotira.

Ambulances were immediately called to the scene, with which the drivers were transported to the Famagusta General Hospital, while the intervention of members of the Fire Service was also needed to extricate one of the drivers.

According to the information, the drivers have minor injuries, while a breathalyzer test is expected to be carried out to clarify the causes under which the traffic collision took place.

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