Traffic accident on the Sotiras - Liopetriou road: He was driving with four times the amount of alcohol and caused a traffic accident (PHOTO)

He drove with four times the alcohol limit and caused a traffic accident - Two people in the hospital after being released - PHOTO

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On 30/5/23 and around 0815 a saloon car driven by a 42 year old, political asylum seeker from Nepal and now in Liopetri while he was driving a saloon car on the Sotiras-Liopetriou road towards Liopetri, under circumstances which are being investigated by the Famagusta Traffic, deviated from his course to the right and entered the opposite traffic stream, resulting in a collision with the front right part of his vehicle with the corresponding point of the saloon of a vehicle driven by a 62-year-old resident of Paralimni from the opposite direction.
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As a result of the collision, the two drivers were trapped in their vehicles and the intervention of the Fire Service was needed to extricate them.

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Both drivers were taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Famagusta in Paralimni, with the 62-year-old receiving first aid and being released, while the 42-year-old remains for additional tests, but his condition is estimated to be not serious and out of danger.

It should be noted that a preliminary alcohol test was carried out on both drivers with a zero reading for the 62 year, while in the 42 year the reading was 89 mg instead of 22 mg.

The Famagusta Traffic Police is investigating the circumstances of the accident.