Commemoration day of the occupied Acheritou – With tears in the eyes of the refugees

With tears in their eyes, the Acheriotes... recall memories

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With tears in their eyes and their only desire to return, dozens of refugees attended the commemoration day of the occupied Acheritou that was so unjustly occupied by the Turkish invaders on August 31, 1974.

During the event, a memorial service was held for the fallen and executed Acherites and a prayer to find the missing, while at the same time a trisayo was held and wreaths were laid at the monument of the fallen and missing in the settlement of Agios Georgios Vrysoullon Acheritos.

In her speech, the Minister of Justice, Anna Prokopiou, said "On behalf of the State, we renew our commitment to prudently continue the fight with all our forces, for a fair, honest and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem".

With tears in their eyes, the Acheriotes... recall memories

The fallen Giannakis Ioannou, Giannakis Tziovanis, Kostas Ilias, Kendeas Kassianos, Antonis Rialas, Panagiotis Marinou, Vassos Sergiou, Andreas Mantoles, Andreas Karoullas, Paschalis Mosfili, Christakis Papallis, Andreas Dimitriou with Acherio roots, as well as the barbarously executed, Christofis Prodromou, Grigoros Georgiou and Yasoumi Tsiouroutis.
The fate of the still missing Sotiris Sotiriou also remains unknown.

The event was attended by representatives of the Church, the President of the Association Eleftheri Acheritou Mr. Giannis Georgiou, the President of the Community of Acheritou Mr. Michalis Kaunas, MPs, representatives of parties, Police, National Guard, families of heroes, organized ensembles, friends and relatives.

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