XYLOFAGOU: 35 years since the murder of Ch. Charalambous by Attila

March of Memory and Honor of the Late Charalambos Charalambos

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Today marks 35 years since the cowardly murder of national guard Charalambos Charalambos by a Turkish soldier near the Oxous outpost in Athienou.

In honor of the hero, the "Association of National Guards of Athens" and the National Guards of the 714 LKT Xylofagos, organized on May 27, 2023 a flame transfer from the place of sacrifice of the hero (Oxos - Athienou Police Station), in Xylofagos, where he comes from.

The national guard Charalambos Charalambous together with his colleague Yannis Kallesiis and the other soldiers of the outpost where they served their military service, on May 28, 1988, heard voices from a house opposite, where a Turkish non-commissioned officer had entered illegally.

The Greek National Guard immediately rushed unarmed to offer help, but the Turkish invader, leaving the house, as soon as he saw the national guards, started firing in bursts.

The unfortunate national guard Pampos Charalambous was killed by the bullets of the Turkish soldier, while Giannis Kallesis was seriously injured. The sacrifice of Pampos and the serious injury of Giannis shocked Athenou and together the whole of Cyprus.

Pampos Charalambous was the first of the five children of Tasos and Panagiota and was born in Xylofagou. Hailing from a rural family, he was gifted and distinguished by his kindness, kindness and willingness. He graduated with honors from the American Academy in Larnaca and his future was bright.

In the community of Athienos there is a monument dedicated to the memory of Charalambos Charalambous.

Source: Sigmalive