Xylofagou: Free potatoes from indignant farmers to highway drivers (IMAGES)

Spontaneous protest by potato growers in Kokkinochorion - Potatoes were given to drivers on the highway

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Spontaneous potato growers in Kokkinochoria staged a spontaneous protest this morning.

Specifically, dozens of farmers gathered on the Larnaca-Ayia Napa highway at the first exit to Xylofagou and distributed free potatoes to passing drivers.

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They also offered them a carnation.

Each driver received twenty kilos of potatoes in export bags, in order to show their despair about the financial consequences they have suffered recently due to the pandemic.

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The Police of the British Bases of Dhekelia were also present at the spot, which regulated the traffic, while the remaining potatoes will be disposed of for the Social Grocery of the British Bases.