Xylofagou: In a new building Police Station and Warrant Enforcement Office in Famagusta

All contact information for the new Xylofago Police Station

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The Cyprus Police continues to upgrade its building infrastructure, with the aim of improving the working conditions of its members, but also to better serve the citizens.

As of Thursday, December 22, 2022, the Xylofago Police Station and Famagusta District Warrant Enforcement Unit operate in a new building at 1 April Street in Xylofago (road to Avgorou), where they were relocated.

The Police Station of Xylofagos is under the Police Directorate of Famagusta and polices the villages of Xylofagos, Avgorou and Liopetri.

Telephone communication with the Woodcutter Station will be made at the number 24804545. Regarding the fax, the number 24804557 will be used.

The upgrade of the building facilities has proven to contribute to the well-being and efficiency of the staff. Therefore, the Cyprus Police attaches particular importance to the general upgrading of its building infrastructure and to the creation of an improved working environment for its members.