Anorthosis-AEL 0-1: He broke the tradition and climbed to the top

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With its favorite score this year, 1-0, AEL of Anorthosis prevailed over "Antonis Papadopoulos" and climbed to the top of the standings, one point ahead of APOEL and Omonia, while leaving 6 points behind "Kyria", which lost a penalty in first half… 

Good start
The game started at a good pace, with both teams trying to close the roads to their area, so as not to allow opponents to create dangerous situations. For this reason, in the first 20 minutes of the game, Kozacic and Degra did not have enough work to do.

Again Ν Degra
In the 22nd Okkas he entered the area, with Carlitos stopping him illegally and Dimitris Masias showing the white ball. The execution was undertaken by Laban, who was caught by the goalkeeper of the blue and yellows, Matthias Degra, falling correctly and stopping the course of the ball.

Δokari the AEL
The missed penalty of the Famagusta team gave a psychological advantage to the Limassol team, who became more demanding up front, pressing better on the field, but Anorthosis over time again found its footing. In the 34th Monteiro with a clever shot-place he gave height to the ball, which was directed towards the end of the helpless, Kozacic, who had the beam as his ally.

Center game
In the midfield, as in most of the first half, the ball moved in the first stages of the second half. Any offensive actions of the players of both teams stopped outside the frames of the big hearth, or the shots stopped in the bodies of the defenders. The image of the match did not change, not even with the changes attempted by the two coaches.

From a set phase
Where Anorthosis seemed to be looking for the goal with more demands, the Limassol team was the one that managed it was the Limassol team in 84 ΄, when Junior grabbed the header, after a corner kick and sent it into Kozacic's net making the 1-0.

Then, the team of Famagusta tried to react, but without success, so the 1-0 remained unchanged until the final.

Goal: 84 'Junior
Yellows: Marcinios, Angelov, Okkas, Laban, Rezek / Jr., Vuo, Dente
Referee: Dimitris Masias

Recovery (R. Levi): Kozacic, Martins, Colin, Tomasic, Adic, Makris, Angelov (63'Rezek), Marcinios, Laban (87'Zairi), Okkas, Roncato
AEL (P. Christodoulou): Degra, Airosa, Owen, Junior, Carlitos, Nikolaou, Silas (66'Dente), Bebe, Edmar (89'Gabby), Monteiro, Vuo

* Fourth penalty given against AEL this year and an equal number of times the opponent does not score! The previous three cases were carried out by Solari (APOEL), Dobrasinovic (Alki) and Leon (Nea Salamina). Degra was repulsed in the first two, while Leon's execution stopped on the crossbar.
* Losses for Anorthosis in view of the match with APOEL, since Laban, Okkas and Rezek will not be entitled due to cards. AEL loses the game with Hermes on the part of AEL.
* The refereeing of Dimitris Masias is quite good, who was very close to all phases. He could have given a second yellow card to Vuos and sent him off, but it was given to the AEL player.

Source: DAILY with information