Simultaneous performance of 100 civil weddings in Larnaca

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They arrive on Monday from Israel and Russia

On Monday, June 25, the Municipality of Larnaca will hold the simultaneous civil wedding of 100 couples from Israel and Russia who will arrive at the port of the city by ferry from Haifa… 

In a written announcement, the Municipality of Larnaca states that “the event, which will take place in the square of the Medieval Castle of Larnaca at three in the afternoon, concerns the weddings of Israelis and Russians who will arrive by boat at the Port of Larnaca from Haifa. The total number of people who will come especially for the purposes of the event is expected to reach 400, ie couples, relatives and friends ".

The Municipality of Larnaca adds to the announcement “it has taken all the necessary actions for the perfect organization of the event and for the better promotion of Larnaca as a tourist destination. After the end of the ceremony, Turkish delights will be offered to the newlyweds and a short artistic program with Cypriot dances will follow, with the aim of giving a more traditional color to the weddings ".

In its announcement, the Municipality of Larnaca "warmly thanks all those who worked for the organization of the event and especially the sponsors, the Larnaca Florists Association, Pyrillos Bakeries, the company Technotent CGGeorgatsos and Lefteris Livadiotis Developers - Livadiot City".