The wedding of 100 couples from Israel took place in Larnaca

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Larnaca broke every record

In front of the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Louroutziatis, relatives and friends and several bathers who gathered to watch the event, the simultaneous civil wedding of 100 couples from Israel and Russia took place yesterday… 

The happy couple arrived in the morning with relatives and friends in the port of Larnaca by boat from Haifa and the wedding ceremony took place at three in the afternoon, overlooking the Medieval Castle and the endless blue of the sea, by Deputy Mayor Petros Christodoulou, who read the wedding vows in English and the Municipal Councilor of AKEL Monica Melekki in Russian.

In his statements, the Mayor of Larnaca said that "apart from the pleasant event offered by the mass wedding of about a hundred couples for Larnaca, the whole event is very important because it connects the city with pleasant memories and significant events in everyone's life. . At the same time, it highlights Larnaca as a hospitable city, which has a lot to offer the tourist and even more to highlight ".

He added that the Municipality of Larnaca “has taken all the necessary steps for the perfect organization of the event and for the better promotion of Larnaca as a tourist destination. After the ceremony, the newlyweds will be offered the traditional pastitsi and a short artistic program with Cypriot dances will follow, with the aim of giving a more traditional color to the weddings ".

Mr. Louroutziatis did not fail to thank "warmly all those who worked for the organization of the event and especially the sponsors, the Larnaca Florists Association who offered the bouquets for the brides, the Pyrillos Bakeries that offered the CGGs to the pastits, the Technot company. awnings under which the ceremony took place and the company Lefteris Livadiotis Developers - Livadiotis City - Café Blu, which offered the reception that followed the ceremony ".

It is noted that this year only one couple had a big age difference since the bride was 61 years old and the groom was 33 years old.