1040 missing persons have been identified to date

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As of February 2014, the remains of 1.040 people have been identified, from the 2010 missing persons wanted in the excavations of the Commission of Inquiry for the Missing, said Cypriot member of the CMP, Gülden Plumer Küçük.

According to Cyprus, in statements to the illegal Turkish news agency, Ms. Kyutsiuk said that the identities of 482 people have been identified by the method of DNA and their remains have been handed over to their relatives. Of these, he said, 358 are Greek Cypriots and 124 Turkish Cypriots.

The CMP, he said, is looking for 1.508 C / C and 493 T / C missing persons, saying that "it is not possible for us to find 100% of the missing persons (all the remains)".

According to Gulden Plumer Küçük, 270 landfills will have to be excavated, so it will take two years to complete this process, as excavations are carried out at about 100-150 sites each year. The work of the CMP, he noted, is affected by the financial difficulties, which is their biggest problem, as he said.

In addition, Yeni Duzen writes that the president of the Turkish Association of Relatives of Missing Persons, Fuat Nasip Naltzioglou, in a written statement, claimed that the system of investigating the identity of the missing is wrong and suggested that Britain, Greece, Turkey, e / k and t / k side open their files for the missing in them and in the CMP, in order to have a more effective way to locate all the missing in Cyprus.