A 19-year-old from Avgorou who makes masterpieces! (Interview)

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CEA3CF84CEB9CEB3CEBCCEB9CEBFCC81CF84CF85CF80CEBF2017 02 122C11.18.59 Νέα Αμμοχώστου, Τέχνες

It's really amazing to meet young, talented people who are chasing their dreams as children but at the same time are so mature that they know exactly what they want to do with their lives.

One such case is George Georgiou from Avgorou, who works for his dream every day, while at the age of just 19, and before he even started his studies at the School of Fine Arts, he has already sold 6 of his paintings through his account on Instagram.

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George, although he started painting at the age of 5, had never thought that this would one day become his life. While his teachers were talking, he was painting, not because he ignored them but because in this way he could understand what he was hearing. You often saw him with a pen in his hand sketching comic book characters on small pieces of paper. Nevertheless, until the middle of the 3rd high school, George intended to become a meteorologist (!) A job that, as he states, he could follow but not succeed. So following his heart and especially his fingers, he decided to make the upset and announce to everyone that he wants to go to the School of Fine Arts. From there, the chapter "painting" for George officially began.

So, in the short time that he insisted until the exams, he started the hard work with the help of his teacher, for a school where very few people go all over Cyprus. The result of the exams was partly negative, but positive in the end after he assured George that this is his dream. Thus, with more stubbornness and concentration, he continued the effort, which was rewarded the following year, when he passed 2nd in Cyprus, at the School of Fine Arts of Athens with a grade of 9,167 / 10.

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At what age did you start painting?

From a very young age, about 5 years old. But I had no idea I would follow this thing. In high school, in February, I decided I wanted to move on to Fine Arts. I searched for courses at Training Institutes to improve and make a preparation, because it's hard to get into School. Until then, I had never attended a painting class!

What did you paint before and what after the lessons?

Before I painted comics. Pen and small glues. I was afraid to use paint, I thought it would not come out. It finally came out. Now I only work with oil, I prefer it. The oil has better blending and I can mix the colors better. Now I also paint on glass. One idea I found was "divided personalities", and I thought of putting back a personality that is in its own world and a personality that shows to others. I put glass in front of wood. I was interested in the divided personalities.

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What do the faces you paint want to express?

I try to show loneliness, that's why I do them alone. You will not see 2 faces on a canvas or wood. I want to show that they are not happy people, to express depression and divided personalities. I am more inspired by everyday life. Rarely nowadays will you see happy people. They may not show it but it is so. I want to show this through the glass. That's why I use cold colors. You will not see red or orange on my paintings because my paintings are not happy, and the warm color is a little happy. My paintings have this cool background that shows the depressing element. My purpose is not to sign a painting but to make it appear to be mine.

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How did you make the decision from a meteorologist to study painting?

Because for so long I did something else that I did not like and did not express. Yes, I was a good student and I was doing well but it is not what I wanted, what I felt I wanted to do in my life. He did not "pull" me as a person. I knew that if I followed it I would not succeed. I could have reached a point but I would not have achieved it. I did not like it. Yes, studying meteorology is a good job, but who said it is not a good job? Those artists who chose something they like and love do not fail. It's what I want. I do not waste my time.

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How easy is it to prepare for such a difficult test that few succeed?

It's not just talent and inclination. I wanted it. I worked every day. Going to class and taking a sketch at that time is not going to pass. You have to come home to worry. It takes a lot of practice. And you have to want it a lot to get through. It's not enough to just go to classes. Maybe it was better that I was in the army and didn't pass the exams the first time. If I passed, I might be reassured and not get a job. The fact that I didn't pass made me stubborn and wanted to try harder. To show that I am something special from everyone else. Now that's the point. What will you do after that? What will you show to the world?

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How do you imagine George after his studies?

I think I will be more focused on what I do. Now I'm still a little confused. Experiment. I also have an Instagram page (.georgiougv) and I see people's comments, how much I like what I do, and so I judge. The more you like your job, the more they promote you. I want to make a page on the internet, to be more professional.

What does painting mean to you?

From now on it is my life. This is what I always wanted to do and as someone said "when you do something you love you do not waste your time".

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Interview & Photos: Vassula Elias, Diamanto Anastasiou
Interview Editor: Diamanto Anastasiou