Flora Markou has fought cancer 3 times

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Flora Markou from Sotira fought cancer 3 times. She lost her 10-year-old baby girl to the incurable disease,

The 55-year-old woman reports to ant1iwo and Christina Dionysiou:

"I was born on February 15, 1961 in the village of Sotira in the Province of Famagusta. At the age of 17 I got engaged and a year later, I got married. In 1978 I gave birth to my Maria and 4 years later my Georgia.

In 1986 Maria was diagnosed with brain cancer. No matter how hard we fought, we did not manage to defeat him. "On November 30, 1988, my little girl" left "for the big trip."

The hero is not afraid of life, he is not afraid of difficulties and impasses because he believes that he can overcome them.

There is no worse pain than that of a mother who loses her child. Mourning for your child lasts forever…

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But every day I told myself that I had to find the strength to keep going, I thought I had another child who needed me. Unfortunately, my marriage came to an end long before we lost our Maria. Alone with a child in my arms, I managed to stand on my own two feet and fight for all those best days my girl dreamed of. I was deprived of everything and did two jobs - in the morning I worked as a cook and in the evening as a waiter - because I did not want to miss anything in my Georgia.


The scariest monster called "cancer" wanted to knock on my door again. In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I fought with all the strength of my soul and from this battle I managed to emerge victorious. I went on with my life until in 2013 cancer came back into my life, this time it was in my other breast.

I was stubborn and said that I would be stronger than the last time, I would not be afraid at all. I did not hide it from my friends and relatives. In fact, I gave strength and courage to other women and I walked around without a hat when my hair fell out.

I was seen strangely on the street, in the church, in the supermarket, but I didn't care. All over the world I was saying that we should not be afraid of this monster, this disease that has set out to destroy the lives of most people in the world.

I told them that we should not be ashamed and locked in our homes, that we should be alone and helpless. I did it and the fact that I overcame this disease once again makes me feel very proud.

Today I am well and I try to enjoy every moment. I have my daughter, my grandson and people who love me by my side.

I get involved and I'm in my village choir. I am involved in volunteering and I am very happy to offer help to people who are in need and need love and support. I live on my pension and I never complain. I smile every morning and ask God to make the whole world well. To have My Mary near Him, who is certainly an Angel by His side.

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In my life I had to fight cancer 3 times. The first time he broke up with me, he told me that I was more valuable than the other 2 times; I defeated him. I thank from the bottom of my heart the doctors and my nutritionist and I wish all the women in the world who are fighting their own battle with cancer, to have strength. Inside, they feel confident that they will win and will not be defeated.

In fact, we are all heroes because we are called upon to face thousands of problems every day in an age of insecurity. But remember that heroism is in the mind. From how one thinks one becomes a hero or not.

The hero is not afraid of life, he is not afraid of difficulties and impasses because he believes that he can overcome them. After all, in war, the numerical superiority of the opponent does not count, but the mental strength and the high morale, don't they? ”

Source: Ant1iWo / Christina Dionysiou