What did the autopsy of the 5 murdered in Ayia Napa show?

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The method of cold killing is shocking

Rear shots, bullets to the head and bullets to the body were shown by the autopsies on the lifeless bodies of the five young men who were killed yesterday in Ayia Napa.

One of the five private guards shot dead yesterday in Ayia Napa was shot in the back.

Two of the five were shot dead in the head while the other two were shot dead in the body.

The autopsy findings have been put under the microscope of the investigators of the case who are also focusing on the material from the cameras of the premises located in the area.

Police are concerned about retaliation and do not rule out the perpetrators fleeing abroad.

"The" invasion "of strong MMAD forces in Ayia Napa is typical".

Last night, thirty members of the unit went to the area and remained there until six in the morning, conducting patrols and inspections.

Source: ANT1