77% of young people will not go to the polls

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A very high percentage, amounting to 77% of young voters, do not want to vote. This is a percentage that translates into a refusal to vote from eight to 10 young people. This is the main conclusion of a poll conducted by the Cyprus Institute of Statistics (CIS) in early March on the occasion of the May elections. A second important finding of the research is that the highest abstention rate among young people comes from urban areas and reaches 83%.

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The research concerned all young people aged 18-35 years and covered the whole territory with a sample size of 628 people and the sample was determined by the method of simple random stratified sampling. The information was collected through telephone interviews. The evaluation of the research results was done by the method of point estimation.

The explanation given through supplementary questions is that young people do not trust the parties, they think that politicians are lying and no one cares about them, especially in finding a job.

The main data in aspects of the research are as follows:

Why not vote?

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Abstention rates per city are:

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The third important finding is that 67% of young people who will not vote hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. A percentage, points out the CIS, is too high for a small country like Cyprus.

A fourth and very important finding of the survey came from the question of what parties should do to persuade young people to vote in future elections. The results of the research were extremely interesting.

What do the parties have to do to convince you to vote?

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