8 secrets of style to look taller

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How does one dress with a rich, exuberant personality but a petite body type? If your height does not exceed 1,60, you probably already know how difficult it is to find clothes that flatter and fit you, while very often fashion trends work against you.
All this, of course, was valid until yesterday!

Because today we will reveal to you 8 tried and tested style secrets that will give you points without sacrificing anything of your style. Guided by some of the most tiny style priestesses out there, Miroslava Duma and bloggers Lucy Williams and Aimee Song, discover below 8 tips that will always show you a few points higher.

 1) Emphasize your waist: Use a belt or choose medium clothes to achieve it

2) Combine pointed shoes with short skirts and dresses: Show your legs! This will make you look taller. Sharp shoes make the foot look even longer.

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3) Prefer tight and cropped jeans: By removing a few points of fabric from the bottom of your jeans, you give the illusion of height while the fitted jeans emphasize your legs even more.

4) Love high-waisted pants and skirts: Combined with the above, high-waisted clothes add points to your legs and emphasize your waist at the same time!

5) Dare the total black looks: Or in general, the monochrome ones. This "cliché" secret became a cliché for some reason!

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6) Wear a heel, even a little: What does that mean? Even your boots with 2-3 heel points can make a difference in the way you walk and therefore how tall you look.

7) Invest in a long coat: Many people claim the opposite, but in reality a maxi coat creates strong vertical lines in your silhouette, showing you in a slimmer and taller one.

8) Say no to layering: Dare to wear oversized clothes but don't overdo it with layering as it gives you volume and doesn't help you look taller.

Source: Miss Bloom