A 98-year-old woman in Ayia Napa welcomed her 115th great-grandchild

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The longest-lived and most populous family in Cyprus

Eleni Iosif Hadjihanna, a refugee from Agia Marina Skylloura, is the longest-lived mother of many children in Cyprus. Mrs. Eleni, or Sisena, who deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Records, is 98 years old… 

She recently had her 115th great-grandchild from her granddaughter Elena, daughter of Eduardo Hadjichanna, who also has many children, who is the 12th of Mrs. Eleni's 15 children. Little Nikolas Athanasopoulos was born on the birthday of his great-grandfather Joseph, in a clinic in Nicosia, where he was visited by his great-aunt Eleni.

Mrs. Eleni together with her late husband, who was a mukhtar of Agia Marina for 45 years, had 15 children, and they in turn gave them 56 grandchildren, 115 great-grandchildren and 21 great-great-grandchildren. With these data and meaning that four more great-grandchildren are expected to be born by August, it makes Mrs. Eleni's family the most populous family in Cyprus.