SAINT NAPA: He secretly transported cannabis to a prisoner - A 76-year-old man was arrested

British man tried to smuggle cannabis to his compatriot in Ayia Napa detention centers

How a grandmother uncovered a ring of drug traffickers in exclusive, cannabis

A quantity of cannabis was found in a bag held by a 76-year-old from the United Kingdom who went to the Ayia Napa police station to visit a compatriot who was in custody.

Specifically, on 8/1/23, the 76-year-old, during a visit to his 48-year-old compatriot who was in custody at the police detention centers of Ayia Napa, handed over a plastic bag of clothes to be handed over to him.

In a subsequent search of the bag by a police officer of the Ayia Napa police station, a wooden box containing a quantity of plant matter-cannabis, weighing 0,1667 grams, was found.

The 76-year-old was arrested for a self-inflicted crime and when questioned, he stated that he did not know about the existence of the drugs and that he carried the bag at the request of the 48-year-old. When interrogated, the 48-year-old admitted guilt, stating that he asked the 76-year-old to bring him the bag, hiding from him that inside it was the wooden box with the cannabis. The 48-year-old was charged in writing for the crime he committed, while the 76-year-old was released without being charged.

YKAN Famagusta is investigating.