Anastasia Kotziapasi: The rising makeup instagrammer is revealed on Famagusta.News!

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Today in the FamagustaGrammers column, we host Anastasia Kotziapasi. A young girl, full of dreams and ambitions to succeed in what she loves most… makeup!

Who is Anastasia?

Her name is Anastasia Kotziapasi, she is 23 years old and comes from Greece and Cyprus. And to be more precise, from Paralimni. He has been involved in song, dance and theater. Today she is in Athens where she is now studying the art of makeup and has created her personal professional page on Instagram.


 Learning the secret thoughts of Anastasia Kotziapasi

1. Is absolute happiness for you?

The good energy from the people close to me.

2. What makes you get up in the morning;

My bunny! Haha!

3. If you described yourself in one word…


4. The last time you laughed?

2 lseven.

5. The last time you cried?

Panemyou have been since then.

6. Your biggest flaw?

I do not express in words what I feel.

7. What do you regret most?

That I did not let myself live love.

8. What makes you more angry?

Abuse, injustice, lies and taboos.

9. At what time would you like to live and why?

1950. That is, the time when the modern stiletto heel was discovered, which is the ultimate symbol of femininity and sexuality.

10. If you went back in time…

I wouldn't change anything, because I wouldn't be the person I am today.

11. The most important moment of your life…

When I realized that being different is a privilege.

12. When you have free time…

I do makeup and makeupvideos for my page on Instagram.

13. Favorite hobby?

To listen to music.

14. Bigger phobia?

To lose people I love.

15. What worries you the most?

Every new beginning.

16. If you were President for 24 hours, what three things would you change?

I would give young people more opportunities to work, bring art closer to society, and create alternative recreation areas.

17. Which personality would you like to meet?

If she was alive, I would like to meet her CocoChanel.

18. In ten years from now…

I want to be well-known in the field of makeup, to have my own platform and to work with companies.

19. What advice would you give to your teen?

Don't be afraid, try for the best and if you don't succeed, try again and again.

20. Life experience…

Be strong and that the difficulties you will face will be life lessons.

21. What do you consider a wish and what a curse?

The wish is to find passion in life, and the curse is to ignore your - real - value.

22. What do you remember doing as a child that you still do with the same longing?

To make fun of my friends!

23. What would you never do?

Never say never".

24. What is it that you will never stop doing?

To be inspired.


Anastasia's favorites…

1. CarJeep

2. Mobile: iPhone

3. Camera: Nikon

4. Computer: MacBook Pro

5. Aroma: Bodyshop - Vanilla

6. Clock: Guess

7.Sneakers: Ripstop Junior Bailey

8. The most expensive clothes in the closet: HighHeelsBoots

9. Fetish object / What you never part with: lip balm

10. Movie or Series: ncis


11. Type of music: Pop

12. Song: Love with a question mark, by Giannis Margaris.

13. Color: Purple

14. Travel: United Kingdom

15. Restaurant: Square

16. Hotel: The Bora Bora meridian

17. Favorite mobile application: YouTube

18. Facebook ή Instagram: Instagram

19. Favorite Brand: Balmain

20. Coffee: Ice Latte Caramel