Barbie: The most timeless fashion icon has finally acquired Instagram!

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Barbie is not just a doll, but perhaps her long history makes her a timeless symbol of one of childhood, but also of femininity. And at times we may want to give up anything childish about us, but the figure of Barbie is deeply ingrained in our memories, to such an extent that even if you have grown up, any news about her does not go unnoticed.

This time, the favorite doll of young and old girls, as a fashion icon with his own course, who for over 50 years entertains, entertains, inspires generations and generations of girls, opened her own Instagram, always keeping up with the spirit of the time, since on this account she works as a modern fashion blogger. Of course, in her account and in her photos, the pink color dominates classically, while in addition to the clothes, she also "uploads" accessories, shoes and other personal items that are always in the latest fashion trends, however shaped in her own measures and weights, since they should definitely be reminiscent of something from… Barbie.


The proposals she makes from her page are put up for sale through her official website. After all, it is certainly an entire "industry" that will never stop gaining interest. As "she" states in her personal account, it is "designed to inspire".