Robbery with a fake pistol in Larnaca

2011 11 04 08 46 29 ada58d78b1314662808239c6b5feb80d News
The hooded would-be robber put it on his feet (archive photo).Larnaca: An attempted robbery was committed on Thursday night at a kiosk in Larnaca with the perpetrator leaving unscathed, after the kiosk officer realized that the pistol he offered him was fake… According to a spokesman for the Police Press Office around 23:00, an unknown person who had his face covered with a scarf and with his shirt entered a kiosk in Larnaca.

He then pointed a pistol and mentioned in the Cypriot dialect to the 18-year-old kiosk clerk, as he handed him the cash at the checkout, which amounted to 700 euros, marking him with the pistol he was holding in his face while holding a plastic in his left hand. bag in which he would place the money.

The officer realized that the pistol was plastic and told the robber that he would notify the Police.

As a closed surveillance circuit was installed at the kiosk, the perpetrator was forced to abandon his attempt and flee on foot in an unknown direction without taking any money and throwing his plastic bag on the counter.

The perpetrator appears to be a young person 18-20 years old, slender, 1,85 tall.

He wore dark tracksuits and all his movements were recorded by the closed circuit. Source: KYPE