Poll: DISY lead and fierce battle between four

a 841 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News
a 841 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News

A poll of four percentage points in DISY gives a poll of the television station "Alpha" that was presented last night, showing at the same time a fierce battle between four parties.

According to the poll conducted by the companies "Symmetron" and "Marc SA", the following data are shown:
DISY with 23,9%,
AKEL with 19,5%
DIKO with 10,3%
Citizens' Alliance 4,6%,
EDEK 4,3%,
Solidarity Movement 4,25% and
Ecologists 'Movement-Citizens' Cooperation 3,9%.

It should also be noted that a little lower, in 8th place, is ELAM with 2,5%, a percentage that brings it very close to Parliament. The "Alpha" poll recorded the abstention / invalid / white at 15,4%, while 9,5% state that they have not decided what to do.

Regarding the clusters of the four, namely DISY, AKEL, DIKO and EDEK, the poll showed that one in ten voters of the DISY and DIKO parties has not decided whether to go to the polls.

AKEL's undecided parties are at 7,7%, while as far as EDEK is concerned, apart from the fact that its coalition remains at low levels, the party is writing the biggest move since one in four EDEK members is moving towards other forces.

Particularly noteworthy are the findings of the survey in terms of voter criteria. At a time when the issues of scandals and corruption are at the top of the news, only one in six will judge their vote on this issue. In order, the issues that will affect the vote are the course of the economy, the Cyprus issue, the ideology, the candidates and the scandals.

Source: "Liberal"