Visit of "Pertsena" granddaughter to Deryneia

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For the residents of the remote municipality of Deryneia, the "road of Pertsena" as well as of course the "pervolia of Pertsena" located since 1974 in the dead zone to Famagusta and the occupied areas, are points of reference.

Many of the older residents left their sweat both on this road and in the pergolas.

The word "Pertsena" is associated with the history of the area and Pertsiena was the owner of the pervolia bearing her name.

The Municipality of Deryneia, as part of its efforts to connect its history with the past, recently organized a meeting at its offices with Aviva Walton, who is the granddaughter of Ida Pershitz, the well-known "Pertsena".

Born in Russia, Boris and Ida Pershitz settled in Cyprus in the 1930s and created large citrus orchards, employing many workers, both from Deryneia and the surrounding area.