Lefteris Christoforou and Sotiris Sampson in the European elections

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DISY's candidacies for the European elections were submitted today. The House of Representatives is bid farewell to the MPs of DISY of the province of Famagusta Lefteris Christoforou and Nikos Sampson. At the same time, the presence of the name of the Government Spokesman Christos Stylianidis is a surprise.

The list is completed by Eleni Theocharous and Andreas Pitsillidis who are claiming three of the six seats on the ballot. The other two have been paid by Dimitris Syllouris and Rena Hoplarou and in the third one a candidate will be nominated by the alarming president Averof Neophytou.

On Saturday, March 15, the first discussion and election will take place at the Politburo of DISY and the next Saturday, March 2, the Supreme Council will convene for the final ratification of the ballot.

The nominations were submitted to the General Manager Dimitris Stylianou at the offices of DISY from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Eleni Theocharous submitted her candidacy electronically, while Christos Stylianidis faxed.

Submitting his candidacy, Mr. Pitsillidis said that "with the experience I have gained in one year of my stay in Brussels, I aspire to continue to serve the principles of the DISY faction for the next five years".

"Glafkos Clerides, the high oak of the Republic in our country, when he founded DISY, founded it with a European perspective and for that I personally feel a heavy responsibility and the highest honor every time I submit my candidacy to the DISY ballot and especially to the European elections." .

For his part, Lefteris Christoforou said that "fully aware of the criticality of the Cypriot economy and the current developments in our national issue and knowing that now the big battles are being fought and the big decisions are being made in the EU, I I have the opportunity to continue claiming the rights of our country and people both here and in the European Parliament ".

The Vice President of DISY, Sotiris Sampson, said that "I put myself at the disposal and in the service of the party and the homeland. "Europe has a specific way of thinking and acting."

He added that "my professional training, my legal knowledge but above all my academic education, give all the guarantees for a successful course if and when the Almighty demands me to be elected to the office of MEP.

He added that "if with God's help I am elected, I pledge that I will immediately resign from the position of Vice President of DISY because I believe that no one from the position of MEP can offer to the party from the position of Vice President.

It is worth noting that DISY announced cooperation with the Initiative "We live in Europe" and Mrs. Rena Hoplarou will participate in the DISY-EPP ballot on behalf of the Initiative.

As it is already known, after the relevant decision of the Politburo and the cooperation with the European Party, the President of EUROCO Dimitris Syllouris will also participate in the DISY-EPP ballot.