Third world conditions in Famagusta detention centers

2011 11 03 10 16 20 cb51d86b67754865ae4e8915ffc44a43 News
2011 11 03 10 16 20 cb51d86b67754865ae4e8915ffc44a43 NewsLarnaca: Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. conditions of humiliation of 20 (deported) detainees, some of whom remain incarcerated for many months, are the conclusions of the Eliza Savvidou.

As it is typically noted, when officials of the Commissioner's Office, in the context of investigating a complaint of ill-treatment of a detainee, visited the site on August 5, there was a strong stench in the toilets, and detainees to have toilet paper, soap or shampoo at their disposal. they had to ask for it (in stark contrast to international practice of respect for human dignity).

In addition, there is no specially designed visiting area and detainees are required to wear handcuffs when receiving visits. At the same time, there is no place to exercise and foreigners are locked in cell rooms 24 hours a day, while building shortages create security holes.

At the end of the report, Ms. Savvidou suggests the immediate termination of the operation of the unsuitable detention centers, emphasizing that the detention conditions are not compatible with international authorities and lead to degrading treatment of detainees. He warns that if detention continues in this area, then Cyprus is in danger of being exposed internationally. At the same time, Ms. Savvidou points out that the conditions make it difficult for the police officers working at the station in question.

Similar problems occur in other areas, such as the Lakatamia detention center and the detention unit 10 of the Prison. In the case of Lakatamia, the Commissioner's Office is preparing a separate report following a surprise inspection. Cells without windows, pale faces that do not see the light of day and a suffocating atmosphere created by smoking were recorded. Source: