Lefkaritis pressures for the Larnaca - Dhekelia road

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An appeal to the Ministries of Finance and Communications "to reintegrate the relevant funds in their budgets in order to avoid further delays in the construction of the most important road Larnaca - Dhekelia" addressed today the President of the Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company Larnakos Darinos 

A written announcement of the Company states that “the Community of Voroklini has significant comparative advantages and possibilities to be exploited so that the area is established as a quality tourist destination. However, an obstacle to the whole development is the huge delay observed in the implementation of the Larnaca-Dhekelia road (phases c 'and d') ".

Despite the fact, it is reported that "a Master Plan has been prepared by the Department of Urban Planning and Housing, the start of construction of this road is not expected according to the Ministry of Transport to take place before 2014. The Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company expresses strong dissatisfaction for this unacceptable delay as discussions and plans have been made on this issue for at least the last 15 years ".

Mr. Lefkaritis stated, according to the written announcement, that "the completion of the Larnaca-Dhekelia road is considered one of the key factors for the tourist upgrade of the area. While the Community of Voroklini has made leaps and bounds in recent years and is an important tourist and resort area of ​​Larnaca Region, the long delays in the start of road construction in front of the hotel units is an obstacle not only for any further development but also for improving the image of the area ".

The announcement of the Company also refers to the very pioneering meeting recently organized by the Community of Voroklini on "Spatial Planning and Development for the Community of Voroklini".

He added that last week's meeting was aimed at "involving the Community social partners to formulate policy through a rational and sustainable development project design. At the same time, he examined, among other things, the issue of the tourist activity of the region ".

Source: KYPE