Police and Justice Ministry rise up over gangster murder in Ayia Napa (video)

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Luke: In the initial stage, the investigation of the murder

Two people from Nicosia, 33-year-old Filippos Loukaidis and 28-year-old Marios Karaolis and 35-year-old Giorgos Georgiou "Rousias" from Paralimni, who worked as a security guard for a businessman in the province of Famagusta, are the people who were killed today. Ayia Napa…

The other two people, originally from Romania, are between 25 and 33 years old and their names are expected to be verified by Interpol. The Romanian Ambassador to Cyprus has been informed of the case from the outset.

In his statements, the spokesman of the Famagusta Police Department, Lieutenant General George Oikonomou, stated that "the Police is investigating a case of premeditated murder of five people, three Cypriots and two foreigners committed today at dawn" around 03.30 on Agia Street.

In particular, he added, "Unidentified or unidentified individuals used a firearm to kill five people in a car. Various presumptions for scientific examinations have been received from the stage. Fourteen firearms were found at the scene and the victims were taken to the morgue for the legal autopsy, which will be performed later today by two medical examiners.

He added that "since the first moment of the case at the Police Headquarters, there has been a crisis room headed by the Deputy Chief and other officers, while in the province of Famagusta, the Assistant Chief of Operations has been coordinating the investigations and examinations since the early hours."

Giorgos Oikonomou also said that "in the TAE of all the provinces, groups have been set up calling on various suspects for interrogations, in an attempt to investigate this heinous crime."

Asked if the perpetrators were one or more, he replied that "this is a matter of research which cannot be answered at this stage".

Asked if the deaths of the five were immediate, Mr Oikonomou said: "This will be confirmed after the legalized autopsy on the bodies of the victims."

Asked if one of the victims managed to get out of the car and was shot outside the vehicle, he said: "Yes, one of the victims got out of the car, maybe injured and maybe not, and at some distance he fell dead."

Answering another question, Mr. Oikonomou said that "the dead are Filippos Loukaidis 33 years old and Marios Karaolis 28 years old from Nicosia and George Georgiou otherwise Rousias, 35 years old from Paralimni. Regarding the two Romanians we have been informed about names but we will wait for their confirmation from Interpol. "From the first moment, the Ambassador of Romania arrived on the scene and was informed about the incident and the investigations of the Police", he said.

Medical examiners Sophocles Sophocleous and Nikolas Charalambous performed an autopsy on the scene. In his statements, the medical examiner Sophocles Sophocleous stated that "we carried out an autopsy on the scene of the five-time murder. All the victims have gunshot wounds. The exact causes will be determined during the legal autopsy ", he concluded.

"Preventive measures are being taken," he said. Justice

The Minister of Justice and Public Order, Lucas Lucas, described today's crime in Ayia Napa as a "shocking incident" with five people killed by gunfire thrown at them. "Investigations and investigation of the case are still at an early stage" and "precautionary measures are being taken".

Speaking to reporters at the Police Headquarters in Nicosia today, Mr Lukas said "from the outset, all police services have been activated, they are activated" and, "basically, we cannot say any other details until to have something more positive ”.

When asked if any measures have been taken to prevent the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime from fleeing abroad or in the occupied territories, the Minister of Justice said that "all possibilities are being considered" and will not provide details, while police investigations are "everywhere". ”.

"All possibilities are being considered," the minister said in response to a series of questions from journalists about the motives, the manner in which the five murders were committed and the perpetrators, reiterating that "we cannot say at this stage that the inquiries are still at an early stage." , when there is something more positive, we will announce it ".

Asked if they were Cypriots who committed this crime or possibly someone or someone from abroad, Mr Lukas said that "at this stage, any detail given may be detrimental to the whole affair".

Asked if the arson, which took place in Nicosia a few minutes before the crime and whether it was a "message" they wanted to send, was related to the case, the minister said that "all possibilities are being considered".

Answering another question about the circumstances of the crime, Mr. Lukas stated that "there are five dead", while when asked if there was anything about the perpetrators and the manner in which the multiple murder was committed, he replied that "it exists but cannot be announced".

Regarding the weapons used, the Minister stated that "they are of the same type as the weapons used, they may have been one, they may have been two, they may have been three".

"The investigation is ongoing and we will not go ahead," Mr Lukas said, adding that if the information about a car accident that forced the five victims to stop the car they were riding in, which was later shot, was true. The Minister reiterated: "All possibilities are being considered" and "we cannot give details at this time".

Asked if the investigation showed the crime was well-planned, Mr Luka said: "Certainly, an episode with five dead was certainly planned, but" he added, "we will be ready to give more soon." data".

Mr. Loukas was briefed by journalists on statements made by leaders or other officials of political parties about the climate of insecurity and lawlessness in Cyprus.

Asked to comment on the allegations, the Minister of Justice and Public Order stated that "the Police have often taken precautionary measures and have many times feared even murder and people have been convicted of them".

"It was a very serious incident, but we don't want to make irresponsible statements," Mr Lukas said.

Asked if the underworld rules, Mr Lukas said "certainly not", but "if we had expected such an incident", he said, "we would certainly have taken action", while "now, measures are always taken for retaliatory purposes". , of course. "

The minister also clarified that "it has not been established what was said, that no measures would be taken", or "that our measures would be incomplete" in Ayia Napa, due to the employment of most of the police force for the events of the Cypriot Presidency. of the Council of the European Union.

"The plans have already been made, but our presidency has not yet begun, but all the plans have been made to make the measures we are taking effective," Mr Lucas said.