Terrorist strikes at the Brussels airport and metro

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Chaos and panic erupted at Brussels' Zaventem airport in Belgium after two explosions rocked the area on Tuesday morning. Panicked people started running to be saved while the images that are coming to light shock the new blow to the heart of Europe.

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The information speaks of several losses, without the authorities officially confirming the number of dead. Some reports put the death toll at 11.

There was also an explosion at the metro station in Brussels near European Union offices.

The airport was evacuated and closed immediately after the explosions, while the railway routes to it were interrupted. Airport authorities took to Twitter to urge citizens not to go to the airport and to avoid the surrounding area. All flights, as expected, were canceled. Brussels Airport serves more than 23 million passengers a year.

It is also reported that before the explosions, shots were heard inside the airport, while someone was heard shouting in Arabic, the Belgian news agency Belga reports.

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The Belgian RTBF network, citing an eyewitness, reported that there were injured and unconscious people in the departure hall, opposite the Sheraton Hotel.

Sky News reporter Alex Rossi, who was there, said he heard two "very loud explosions". "I felt the building vibrate. There was also dust and smoke (…) I went to the place where the explosion was heard and people came out very dizzy and shocked ".

"What they are thinking here is that it was some kind of terrorist attack - it has not been verified by any authorities here at the airport," he said.

Belga, citing the Belgian Interior Ministry, reported that the level of security alarm had been raised to the highest level, 4, across the country.

The powerful blasts come four days after the arrest in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, a key suspect in the November terrorist attack in Paris.