This is how the seats in the new Parliament are distributed (graph)

CEB1 9 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News
CEB1 1391 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News

The new Parliament will be eight-party, since the entry of the Solidarity, the Citizens' Alliance and ELAM will change the correlations in the new parliament.

DISY with a percentage of 30,69% occupies 19 seats, ie one less than the seats it had in the previous Parliament.

AKEL occupied a percentage of 25.67% with the result that it lost 4 seats and finally occupied 15 seats.

Third force is DIKO which retained its 9 seats occupying a percentage of 14,49%.

EDEK occupies 3 seats in the new Parliament, recording a reduction of its seats by two. The party's percentage rose to 6,18%.

Solidarity received a percentage of 6,01%, also winning three seats.

The Ecologists-citizens' movement occupies 2 seats after recording percentages of 4,81%. ELAM also occupies two seats after its percentage rose to 3,71%

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