A lot of money is "hidden" in the trash

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The future of green professions is brightly defined ", as Cyprus tries to meet its obligations towards the EU and to harmonize with the new data, which want recycling and energy saving as part of citizens' lives.

The Commissioner of Environment, Ioanna Panagiotou, presented today to students of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology of TEPAK, the opportunities that green professions offer for a successful professional career, while at the same time it was pointed out how profitable some of these green professions are for them. few who use them today in our place.

In her statements, Ms. Panagiotou said that it is important for the Universities to create culture, young scientists, research and innovation, which are important players for green entrepreneurship, while she pointed out that entrepreneurs should realize the importance to hire an environmental scientist.

Asked to comment on the report that a lot of money is "hidden" in the garbage, Ioanna Panagiotou stated that this is true, as "garbage is a natural resource, it has value, the money is too much, we must all realize that there is a share for many entrepreneurs in this sector and use them in a green way, because we underestimate them and throw them in a landfill, where with self-ignition we have dioxins ".

He expressed the view that, regarding the Landfills, "a great effort must be made, as soon as the first money is disbursed for the information of the public and the involvement of the local authorities in order to emphasize the recycling, the separation at the source ".

He also mentioned that the Pentakomos unit at this stage is in the bidding stage and has not clarified when the works will start.