Stavros Malas is the AKEL candidate

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The only name suggested by the Politburo

The candidacy of the Minister of Health Stavros Malas for the presidential elections of next February was decided to be presented unanimously to the Central Committee of the Party, which will meet on Wednesday, the Political Office of AKEL… 

The decision of the session of the Politburo, which was held by the participant and the President of the Republic Dimitris Christofias, was announced by the Secretary General of the Party Andros Kyprianou. Leaving the offices of AKEL, President Christofias refrained from commenting on the decision.

"The Political Office of the AKEL Central Committee, after several thorough discussions, has unanimously decided to propose to the Central Committee the support of Stavros Malas' candidacy", said the party's secretary general, adding that "this will be discussed in the Central Committee next Wednesday".

Asked if the Mala Mala candidacy will be the only proposal that will go to the Central Committee, Mr. Kyprianou answered in the affirmative.

Answering another question, Mr. Kyprianou said that the members of the Central Committee have every right to put for discussion before the Central Committee a proposal for another candidacy.

"He has every right to anything, but I can not say anything more," said the AKEL Secretary General, adding that "discussions will follow in

"Party bodies and the base party groups, where the views will be heard and we will return."

The Secretary General of AKEL refused to explain the reasoning of the decision. "We will submit these to the grassroots party groups," he said.

President Christofias, when asked to comment on the decision of the Politburo, replied: "It is not my job, it is the job of the party".

He thanked, however, the Secretary-General and the Politburo for their kindness in inviting him to the last two sessions and hearing his views.

Source: iKypros