Smart tricks to make the φαίνεται less tall man look taller

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If the boy is not your strong point, if nature did not endow you with a basketball player, do not jump, you can do something to look taller.

Just remember that being short is not the end of the world! Only if you are really satisfied with yourself and have confidence will the tips work.

The point is not to look like you are trying to get taller! So avoid outbursts, two-legged and three-legged shoes, say, and feel confident about yourself.

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Otherwise nothing will work…

The first thing you have to do is pay attention to your posture

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Keep your torso as upright and straight as you can, which is guaranteed to result in a huge change in your height. So that you will look even more confident in yourself. Okay, maintaining this ideal posture will not give you even half a meter boy, but if you support your outfit properly and with the right clothes, then miracles will happen…

Wear clothes that fit your body well

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Of course, we do not mean to appear with fitted and leggings! Just the "loose" clothes that give you the feeling of comfort or the slightly larger size than yours is not for you. Dress in clothes that fit you well to emphasize the lines of your body, a practice that will create the effect of your slimmer and taller self. Loose clothing will make you look even shorter, as your silhouette will not be at all distinct.

Make monochrome combinations

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If you are looking for the ultimate effect to look taller, it is the color that you should emphasize. Combine clothes of the same color (of the same family), in different natural shades and tones, to "lengthen" your torso, making the parts of your body indistinguishable. Example: wearing pants and shoes of the same color but different shade, your legs will look longer. As for your belt, you should again try not to stand out: that is, avoid bright colors that contrast with the rest of the color. And never put a wide belt in your waist! Because it will make the torso and legs look smaller and will dissolve the trick of the "verticality" of the body, which is identical to the height.

Wear dark colors

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Choosing dark palettes, such as black, blue and deep gray, will make you look not only thinner (and therefore taller), but will also give prestige to your appearance. And it is exactly the combination of capacity with the upright stature that we said before the No. 1 way to look really taller. Or just so others can see you that way. This is a psychological trick that you can do to work for you…

Base your haircut

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You do not need to "pin" your hair to add a few points to your boy. The ideal for you is a haircut short at the sides and more hair at the top. This is the way to increase your height, even if you stand next to really tall men. Bonus: this haircut style is always in fashion…

Wear vertical stripes

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These are very popular tricks that are now launching more and more stars. So stripes, wide stripes, thin stripes, as long as they are vertical will give the visual error you are looking for. Try different striped styles to see which one is most beneficial for you. But never combine stripes with stripes, because the result will distract and spoil the trick, stunning everyone.

Pay attention to the length of your jacket

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Your coat, jacket or jacket must necessarily end at the point where your buttocks meet your feet, just below the hips. Everything else will have a completely negative effect on your height. And in your style of course. And if you want the best idea in jackets to look taller, discover the quilts. They will make your shoulders look more open and your upper body more athletic, a presentation that will give you many extra points.