Election Commissioner: "Democracy demands from voters to go to the polls"

CEB1 1403 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News
CEB1 1403 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News

"Everything is ready for Sunday's big election battle," said Election Commissioner Konstantinos Nikolaidis, calling on all registered voters to vote because "this is what Democracy demands."

In a statement issued on the occasion of the briefing given to the chairmen of the polling stations in the Limassol constituency, he said that everything is ready for the elections and that the results are expected around 11 pm on Sunday, unless there is any problem, especially in electoral process abroad.

Asked by KYPE what message it sends to the voters, Mr. Nikolaidis said "to come to the elections, we have undertaken a campaign where we call on the voters to come to vote and this is what the Democracy demands".

In addition, he clarified that in addition to the ballot paper, voters can vote with their identity card, even if it has expired, while regarding the trapped, he said that they can exercise their right to vote with any document with the photo and proves their evidence.

The General Electoral Commissioner, in the presence of the Assistant General Registrar and the Electoral Commissioner of the Limassol Electoral District, informed all the chairpersons of the Limassol polling stations about the regulations and assured them that the Election Service is by their side.

"As public officials, you are well aware of the importance of a flawless and without any problems in conducting the electoral process," he told polling station chairmen, adding that "the attention of both the parties and Cypriot society is on us, watching the way , the level and quality of work that we will all be called upon to carry out during the elections ".

At the same time, he pointed out the great responsibility they have towards the candidates and the voters and told them that "the smooth and unhindered conduct of the elections will depend to a great extent on the perfect performance of your duties".

I expect all of you, he continued, to act with extreme caution, sensitivity, responsibility and objectivity and to strictly follow all relevant instructions and regulations to ensure confidentiality and maintain order and orderliness in your polling station.

"The Election Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Election Commissioners with their staffs and many other public officials worked very long hours to be ready today to carry out our mission and the responsibility is now transferred to your shoulders", said Mr. Nikolaidis, adding that "as presidents you are from now until the delivery of the ballots, the protagonists of the final phase of the elections".

The briefing of the presidents of the Limassol polling stations was preceded by an briefing in Paphos, while the last briefing will take place in Nicosia tomorrow. Yesterday, the General Electoral Commissioner informed the presidents of the polling stations in Larnaca and Famagusta.

Source: KYPE