Cyprus is in danger of desertification, say ecologists

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They pledge to plant as many trees as their votes in the parliamentary elections

Ecologists consider the future desertification of Cyprus a real danger, noting that already 3% of the island is in immediate danger, according to the data of the National Action Plan to combat Desertification… 

At a press conference in Limassol, on the occasion of today's World Day for Combating Desertification, the Secretary General of Ecologists Ioanna Panagiotou stated that, "examining the general situation in Cyprus, the phenomenon of desertification is a real threat today, threatening its prosperity. population in a large part of the island ”.

"The phenomenon is evolving slowly and is not immediately noticeable, until it hits some areas irreparably," said Ms. Panagiotou, adding that most of the areas, which cover 91% of the island, are characterized as semi-arid with increased sensitivity to desertification, while of these, 3% are in immediate danger according to data of the National Action Plan for combating Desertification ”.

He also said that desertification occurs only when reckless human action coexists, including rural abandonment, and expressed the view that good forest management is vital, as trees help preserve soil and protect it from corrosion.

He also reminded that the Environmental Movement has taken part of its responsibility and has pledged that within the next 5 years it will plant as many trees as the votes it received in the recent parliamentary elections, ie 8960.

The first year of the "Every vote and tree" campaign has already been completed and 2606 have been planted throughout Cyprus and he called on all bodies and organized groups to take similar initiatives, preventing the further desertification of our island, "which has already reached dangerous levels ".

Andreas Pieris