They put forward for traffic cameras

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By the end of the year, there may be cameras mounted on the streets, as the processes that have begun are moving at a rapid pace.

Yesterday, the ad hoc committee set up to prepare the bidding documents met for the first time and determined the guidelines on which to move. Various solutions are being studied, however what has been clarified is how to supply the new system.

The government has decided to implement the privately funded system to which the state will pay an annual amount, plus a percentage of the fines.

The Traffic Police, which will have the first and last say on the points where the cameras will be placed, will study the black spots on the streets in order to submit a relevant list. These points will concern both interurban roads and roads in cities or junctions where traffic accidents often occur.

The offers will be international and it is expected that one of the most modern systems will be purchased, which may be used for other purposes (such as traffic monitoring). The effort that is being made, as stated by the Minister of Transport Tassos Mitsopoulos, concerns the preparation of the documents in such a way that we do not fall into the traps of the past where the offers were canceled and eight years passed without cameras. A new meeting of the involved services will be held in early March to promote the project.

In the meantime, at the beginning of March, the two cameras are expected to be installed on Griva Digeni Avenue in Engomi. The company that won the offer signed the contracts and now the steps are being taken to install it in the system at the offices of the Traffic Department. According to the director of Dimitris Dimitriou, the cameras will photograph the rear of the vehicles, which will exceed the speed limit. Arches will be constructed in different places on the same avenue.