How to make it easier for your child to fall asleep

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Most parents learn in a really hard way that they have underestimated sleep for so many years!

Before you had a child, you did not care when you would take a nap, compared to now that you have children and sleep is quite valuable for you and for them.

So how do you get kids to sleep?

Essential to creating a sleep routine

You should first give the child a relaxing bath, brush his teeth, put on clean pajamas and put him to bed. Avoid giving him any electronic device. And in no case to grab a tablet, smartphone, minibook. Then you should turn down the lights, hug the child and read him a story.

Start the routine early

You should try to have a specific sleep routine at about the same time each day. If your child seems overly tired, try moving the sleep routine 30 minutes earlier.

Stay consistent

Everyone in the family should help maintain a good sleep routine.