Bags - "monkey" through occupied for famous Greek Cypriots

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Famous Greek Cypriots are said to order bags of brands from Turkey and receive them through the occupied with "boats", so that the transaction is done safely and without risk to be located themselves during transport to free areas.

The above purchases are included in the wider transactions made by Greek Cypriots with traders or other professionals in the occupied areas that in the first three months reached € 744.526.

The credit cards of Greek Cypriots in the occupied territories literally caught fire in the first quarter, mainly for the purchase of services from hotel accommodation to casino gambling.

According to JCC data, € 744.526 corresponds to 3.105 transactions that mainly concerned overnight stays. That is, some of our compatriots did winter tourism in occupied hotels, apparently combining accommodation with casinos. In March alone, 222.644 euros were paid for accommodation, while most money was paid in January.

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The amounts played in the casinos of the occupied territories were also increased, since for the three months of 2016 they were paid only with plastic money 433.599 euros. In March, 192 thousand euros were paid in casinos with visas, an amount increased compared to other months.

The amounts spent on the purchase of clothing and footwear from the occupied areas are much higher. This is because some people like to buy well-known brands, even if they know that they are counterfeit. This year, € 115.380 were paid with credit cards, while for March alone the purchases reached 35 thousand.

As we have been told, there is an E / C class that likes to wear branded clothes or carry bags of well-known brands, even if they know that they are imitations. Especially lately, as we are informed, Turkish Cypriots have imported from Turkey "good" imitations of bags that are sold very little. In fact, those in charge transport them to the free areas after the order, in order to avoid any "brand" arrest.

Source: Liberal