Exemplary punishment of the gynecologist

NewsThe Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies (MIGS) on the occasion of the case of the gynecologist from Larnaca, who allegedly raped his patient in late October, calls for "a thorough investigation and exemplary punishment, in case he is found guilty"… In a statement the MIG that in cases of violence against women, the responsibility should not be placed on the victims / women.
He also states that, according to available data, there is a shocking increase in cases of rape and sexual assault, noting that during the period 1990-1996 the number of rapes increased by 361% and during the period 2000-2003 there was an additional increase of 195 percent.

The Mediterranean Institute calls on the state to immediately develop specific measures / services for the protection, housing and care of women and girls victims of sexual violence, through the development of a functional and effective inter-departmental cooperation between the Police, social welfare services and other competent bodies. .

The state is also called upon to immediately improve the criminal investigation and conviction procedures of these cases, while at the same time calling for the implementation of actions aimed at raising public awareness and changing attitudes and perceptions about sexual violence.

In the announcement, the Institute calls on the state to immediately sign the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. Source: SigmaLive.com