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A revealing interview provided in the recent issue of Vantage magazine the well-known psychologist from Paralimni, Dr. Markos Giorgatsos. Speaking to Vera Kosma, he unfolds the unknown aspects of his life for his career in Athens as a singer, his decision to study psychology and his great decision to leave America.

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The personal story of Dr. Markou Giorgatsou is undoubtedly a model! From the desks of Paralioni High School in µerokaiato. He worked as a waiter and confectioner. He left his paternal home at the age of 20 and went to Athens, making a career as a singer. There, he studied and graduated from the First Evening High School and Lyceum of Athens. He studied Psychology at the University of Athens and Forensic Psychology at New York University. He then received a doctorate in psychology from the University of Cyprus. Let's watch his journey through an interview with him!

What were Markos Giorgatsos' dreams when he was a child?

When they were very young, I wanted to either make a lot of money and help the poor or become president and help the world. In the process, I realized that I could neither become rich nor become president. It also provided the desire to want to help the world. I wanted to change him and I still want him, but again it is not possible. Thus, as a Chinese proverb says: "Since I could not change the world, I change His world, or at least the way I see it."

How were your childhood years?

Poor childhood years full of love, care, affection and security. You are the Youngest of six brothers. Eat what I had in your production and I don't remember ever feeling that he was missing something. Psana is at home and in your small orchard. The father did two jobs. He respected and remembered, intensely, that he could, in one word, put things in their place, give solutions to everything.

Were you a good student?

They are quite good students and are involved in many activities at school. At the Headquarters, they are important. (laughs).

How did you feel when you had to leave school?

Nobody asked me to leave school. I finished the second grade of high school and decided that I did not want to return, for many reasons. Although they were very small, the decision was his. His parents, despite their initial disagreement, did not support him. They cultivated His autonomy, His confidence, and His responsibility.

When did the song come into your life?

Singing has always been in His life. Leaving school, I worked as a waiter and confectioner, but the song had a significant place in his heart, in his desires. Due to difficulties, I could not study it. At the end of his military service, the idea of ​​becoming a singer had already been cultivated in you. I started working at a "nightclub" in Ayia Napa in 1980.

A little µAfter the army µ In a suitcase in hand you start for Athens… What did you have in your mind when you made this decision?

I met some Greek Jews, who sent him an invitation to Athens. I had in Psylos µ to meet composers, to make a discography and in the end I did it. As soon as I got my hands on a permit to leave Cyprus, I left for Greece. I pursued his goals, I worked hard on perseverance and submission. I collaborated with well-known names of the time in Athens and in the province.

How was your long stay in Athens?

His stay in Athens is divided into two periods. The first period is from 1981-1987 long rehearsals and a lot of work. In 1983 I released his first album and in 1989 his second. I met very important people who for some reason saw something different in you, or at least that's how I felt. Through the friction I had with them, I began to look for other ways, studies. In 1987, while working at "Zeus", a large nightclub, I enrolled in the First Night High School of Athens. At the age of 27, I was in the third grade of high school. Wonderful! Then began another happy period of His life. I waited until nightfall to go to school. I finished school at 10:00 pm and went straight to the nightclub where I sang. It was a great joy to read, to be taught. May his life be filled with happiness. Maybe After the Evening High School, I took an entrance exam and studied General Psychology at the University of Athens.

What was the reason and incentive, if you will, to choose the profession of psychologist?

As soon as I went to high school I knew I wanted to be a Psychologist. It was an attraction to his self-realization. ΞέρωI don't know… maybe Iana's wishes came true! Many, friends and associates, wanted to marry someone and chose you. I felt very special about that. This interaction gave him the joy and impetus to choose the science of psychology. This course lasted 22 full years. From 1987, when I went to the Evening High School, until 2009, when I was sworn in as a doctor of psychology at the University of Cyprus. A very difficult but fruitful journey and sweet memories.

When you're done, make a fresh start in New York to complete your Master's Degree, and One Challenge follows another. Are you generally a risk taker?

In general, you are not a man of risk, but of courage, purpose, planning and perseverance. For what has been given to you as a goal, I try very hard, devotedly. At the given moment of his life, his only goal was to study. The song was written in second place and raised the need for spiritual training.

How did American come about?

While I was studying in Athens, I started looking for a country, a city, and a university where I would do my master's degree, given that it was necessary. A prerequisite for his choice was that there would be places where I could sing, so that I could at the same time be financially responsive to his Master's Degree. In New York, then, I had His uncle in his family. From the first Hours I went there, my cousins ​​who took you to a wonderful place ("Theater") in Manhattan. I sang, I liked them and I started working. Until I finish my degree in Athens, they come and go (Athens - New York). At the same time, I was studying at Cambridge School, so that I could learn English and be ready for a Master's degree.

What do you keep from your life in New York?

I feel like "God wasn't holding your hand." Everything came to him so conveniently, I fell in love with the family and helped a lot. In the six or so years that I have been in New York, I have changed only three nightclubs. I had a very nice and creative time. I saw and saw so much. I made many friends. I met people from many different cultures. It was a world different from the one I knew until then.

Even though you had a pretty good job in America, you decide to go back.

In fact, when I finished my Master's degree, I worked at a Detox Hospital as a psychologist-counselor. I was offered a tempting condom to stay there and work. I also had his night job in singing and everything was going well for you. However, His father and brothers lived in Paralini. His father was a very important part of his life. Together with his brothers and his extended family were the reasons for his return. His father was already quite big and I wanted you to be close to him. Of course, I didn't think much about rejecting the offer I had.

Have you ever regretted this decision?

Parenting is a very important value. I came back and not only did I not regret it, but on the contrary, you are happy that I did it. His father passed away three years later and he had all his children and grandchildren with him.

Upon your return, you are immediately appointed to the schools.

Saw; Everything came in handy in His life. I often say that I may have tried hard, but I had a lot of help, luck and blessing. When I sent his degrees to Cyprus, his nephew (son of his brother) instead of enrolling him only in the list of psychologists of Secondary Education, as I had told him, he also wrote in the list of Psychiatry. So, in a few months, I was notified of a job in Special Education in Psychiatry.

How do you feel about your job?

"God's blessing". Great interaction, feedback! What you teach these children teaches you so much and so much more. With every step, in every word, in every difficulty. They never imagine that I would fall into education and that all the roads led to it. Remember her Psana! When they were little, he would say, "Welcome to his teacher." Years later I felt that her conversation probably worked prophetically.

What is psychology to you?

Psychology is the science that studies people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. More simply, I am encouraged that psychology refers mainly to the balance and harmony of one's thought, speech, and action.

What is passion for you?

Nothing is more than loving warmth, admiring, believing and striving for warmth. Of course, heat must also have its balance. When one loses this balance, one suffers: he suffers, he suffers, he cries, he loses the essence of his life and he does not know how to manage the big and small issues in his life.

Have you ever been in such a situation?

Many times. Most of all, I lost his loved ones but also in other situations. The man who is not in pain cannot even rejoice. I once met a criminal in New York who had a level of empathy, a script like the cardiography of a dead man. He could not cry, he could not laugh, rejoice or grieve. You don't wish that on anyone. I was clearly hurt in His life. I was in pain, I was scared and I was still scared.

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What scares you today?

He is afraid, as the Holy Man is afraid. The ones I can't control. I am raising children and I am afraid for the quality of their love. I worry! This is very important but at the same time it is painful. However, his specialty facilitates many aspects of his daily life.

Is there anxiety about failure?

I will put it another way: When stress is absent from life, you could not achieve anything, when stress is high, and again you could not achieve anything. To achieve something, you must be alert. There are perfect people who can't handle failure and thus raise their stress to high levels to fail. I do not have these anxieties.

What does success mean to you?

Success is achieving your goals. Your own and only goals. People's goals are different. Different people, achieve different goals and they are all just as successful, they feel just as successful.

You're late to start a family…

As you can see, I was late for everything. I was late to study writing, I was late to grow up, I was late to get married and I was late to become a parent. After all, you can't know if it's better to be late or in a hurry. If you start a family early, you have more momentum and physical strength, but you lack the wisdom and experience of life. If you are late, as has happened in your case, you may have less physical strength, but you have more experience and knowledge about the happiness and difficulties that follow. So far there is so much harmony and balance and I feel very happy.

What is the advice your parents gave you that you would like to give to your children?

Three consultations! One of His father, one of His Holiness and one of His Beloved Spiritual One. Your father always said, "Look far away," meaning foresight. He used to tell me wonderful phrases that they were looking for and I still have them deep in your mind and heart. Her Majesty, on the other hand, used to say, "Column-pillar comfort," teaching me to set small goals to achieve a greater one. The psychic told him: "Before you go to sleep, forgive those who made you sad." Forgiveness!

A moment when you felt proud?

Joy and satisfaction more than pride. Many moments! When His sons were born, when He baptized them in their other moments. In His graduations. Each time was special. On June 10, 1992, when I graduated from high school, all of his teachers came together to say goodbye. In the other two swearing-in ceremonies of Ios and of course, on June 26, 2009 when I was sworn in at the University of Cyprus as a doctor of psychology. In his last oath of office, his five brothers ζί along with their companions and his wife. Were sworn in.

In addition to psychology, you are also involved in cultural events. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

Paraliani has many ensembles and monasteries that produce culture. You are very happy about that. From time to time I collaborated with everyone. One such cultural institution is the cultural association "Romanism", which since 2013 offers very important events (musical and theatrical performances, etc.). I have the honor of being the vice-president of "Romania" and I participate in almost all its events.

Is there free time?

Leisure time is the children themselves and their involvement with them. The game, the Study, their activities, the church, the joys, the whining, all this is, fortunately, their free time.

* photo: George Athanassiou

Source: Vantage Magazine