Letter from a pseudo-state to the European Parliament against the Republic of Cyprus

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The first victory "through conspiracies" was achieved by the compromise amendment for "evolution of the Republic of Cyprus into a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with a sovereignty, an international personality and a citizenship", in the context of the European Parliament report on Turkey. The Foreign Affairs Committee adopted the amendment amid intense pressure from Ankara, a pseudo-state, which foreshadows a fierce battle for the final text to be approved in plenary (11-14 April).

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Information states that the adoption of the reference to "evolution of the Republic of Cyprus" is credited to an initiative of AKEL. Its adoption by the Foreign Affairs Committee was not an easy task, due to the intense mobilization of the Turkish side in the last 48 hours, both with the intervention of Ankara and with a letter sent by the "Permanent Representation" of the pseudo-state in Brussels. The letter is signed by the leaders of four "parliamentary" T / C parties (Talat, Denktash, Ozgurcun and Ozigit), including the Community Democracy Party (led by Mustafa Akinci).

"We strongly disagree" states the letter of the Turkish Cypriot side, asking for the deletion of the reference to "evolution", as it is pointed out, "the use of such a word presupposes the results of the talks for a comprehensive solution". They even warn that the adoption of the amendment in question "will provoke very heated discussions in Cyprus"…

Based on the positions expressed by the Turkish Cypriot side, it is at least obvious that intense efforts will be made to eliminate the reference to "evolution" when the report reaches the plenary session of the European Parliament.

In addition to the reference to "evolution", the text adopted yesterday by the Foreign Ministry, with 42 votes in favor, 11 against and 11 abstentions, includes the following positive references to the Cypriot interests:

Ankara is called upon to support the negotiation process and "begin withdrawing its troops from Cyprus and transferring the besieged city of Famagusta to the United Nations, in accordance with Security Council Resolution 550".

The Turkish settlement policy is criticized and Turkey is called to stop the demographic deterioration of the occupied territories (based on the amendments of the MEPs Silikiotis-Hatzigeorgiou AKEL, Christoforou DISY, Mavridi DIKO, Papadaki EDEK).

Turkey is called to refrain from actions in the Cypriot EEZ, something that could lead to a crisis (based on the amendment of E. Theocharous, Solidarity).

It is requested that the planning for the installation of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu be completed and that Turkey consult with the governments of Greece and Cyprus (based on the amendments of Christoforos, Mavridis, Papadakis).

It disconnects Turkey's accession process from its co-operation in the refugee crisis.

It refers to Turkey's commitments in the context of the protest of 21 September 2005, including the recognition of all Member States as a "necessary component" of membership.

In addition, the text adopted by the Foreign Affairs Committee characterizes the joint statement of 11 February 2014 as a "basis for a solution" to the Cyprus problem, while calling on the parties to contribute to a final settlement, in the context of possible referendums.

Obsession with thawing funds

A key negative element of the report is the reiteration of the European Parliament's firm position on the thawing of the Turkish negotiating chapters 23 on Fundamental Rights and 24 on Justice, which are unilaterally blocked by the Republic of Cyprus. The text notes, however, that this position on the thawing of funds is formulated "without prejudice to the positions of the Member States", which are known to have a veto. Negative elements include the absence of a reference to the application of fundamental freedoms and / or EU principles and values. in a possible solution, as well as the study of the European Parliament for the implementation of the acquis in the "future Turkish Cypriot constituent state" and for the full integration of the Turkish Cypriots in the EU. The text welcomes President Anastasiadis' initiative to make Turkish the official language of the EU and calls for speeding up procedures.

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