Creation of Rehabilitation Centers at the Famagusta Hospital

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a 6233 News
Debate of the Human Rights Committee

A request to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance for the allocation of funds through the state budget of 2013 for the establishment of Rehabilitation Centers, was addressed by the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, which discussed the issue today…

In his statements after the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee and DIKO MP Sophocles Fyttis said that the request was addressed to the representatives of the Ministries who were present. He added that the state does not have its own Rehabilitation Centers and is in the private sector to purchase services, while adding that the cost amounts to 1,5 million euros per year.

A number of 18 patients, he added, are sent to the EOKA Fighters' Club, in Palodia, as well as abroad.

As Mr. Fyttis said, according to today's practice, the patient, after the first recovery and if there is no space available in Palodia, either goes to his home or to physiotherapists, medical centers or nursing homes and, according to the DIKO MP, "Pays for his hair."

The issue affects the lives and reintegration into the society of thousands of people, Mr. Fyttis continued and added that a Rehabilitation Center should cover musculoskeletal injuries, rheumatism and many other diseases and problems, in addition to craniocerebral and disability injuries. At the moment he said, "the only thing that is covered is diseases of the spinal cord."

He also said that according to representatives of the Ministry of Health, the creation of Rehabilitation Centers is planned in the old Larnaca Hospital, on the second floor and if the necessary repairs are made and staff is hired, as well as in Famagusta Hospital.

Mr. Fyttis, however, stated that these are "promises" for which no budget is provided in the 2013 budget.

He also said that planning and study on the issue is needed, while he mentioned that the adoption of regulations or the amendment of the relevant legislation for physiotherapists was requested, in order to have a better and systematic control, as well as the establishment of regulations for the purchase of services.

Rehabilitation is the right of every Cypriot citizen who has suffered from a serious illness or is suffering from a serious illness, said in her own statements the DISY MP Stella Kyriakidou.

He added that rehabilitation is not just about the patient being discharged from the hospital, but being given the opportunity to "come to life". He said that the Commission found serious deficiencies in Cyprus, while he said that it is the responsibility of the state to create proper rehabilitation infrastructure for the various groups of patients.

He added that the Commission found a large gap in the legislation regarding the operation of the Rehabilitation Centers and the provision of the services offered.

"We have asked the Ministry of Health to return as soon as possible with legislation and regulations, as well as with a plan that will concern the operation of proper Rehabilitation Centers," he said.

He finally mentioned that the purchase of services from the private sector, as is now the case with Melathro, can continue to take place where possible.

AKEL MP Skevi Koukouma said that some efforts are being made regarding the operation of the Rehabilitation Centers and added that during the meeting of the Committee it was mentioned that the utilization of existing facilities, such as the Larnaca and Famagusta Hospitals, is being studied.

He added that the market for services is being promoted and expanded at the same time, as terms of offers are being prepared, while the sending of people abroad continues and an effort is being made to expand home care.

Ms. Koukouma added that an effort is being made to utilize the facilities of Kyperounta Hospital, through a collaboration with international institutions, so that asthmatic children and people with craniocerebral injuries can be cared for.

He also said that the issue of regulating the terms and regulations of operation of physiotherapists was discussed, which he characterized as "pending" which has been delayed.

We expect that the issue will be promoted, in order to pass the legislation and to adopt regulations that will regulate the operation of the physiotherapy clinics, concluded Ms. Koukouma.

EDEK MP Roula Mavronikola said that "the admission of the Ministry of Health before the Commission that the Rehabilitation Centers are not sufficiently satisfactory, confirms our fears and complaints from relatives of patients, that even approved rehabilitation centers can not serve" .

He even referred to a recent case of a patient who died a few hours after being admitted to a Rehabilitation Center, after being hospitalized. He went on to say that more than 800 patients a year enter the intensive care unit, while one third of them need rehabilitation.

Ms. Mavronikola also welcomed the political will of the Ministry of Health to find an immediate solution to the problem.