What are you wearing; This app wants you to upload your outfit every day

pose 2.5 copies

Initially it was a kind of social application related to shopping, then it became a "fashion discovery" machine and now it wants to be the digital place where you will download your shopping…

The pose is a newly established Los Angeles-based fashion app. The company announced version 2.5 of its app for iPhone and Android devices on Tuesday, which encourages you to highlight not only individual clothes in your photos when you're out shopping, but your entire ensemble on a daily basis. Each garment can now be tagged in a separate category and brand, similar to the person tags in the Facebook photos.

The multi-tagging feature was developed to accommodate existing user needs and to configure new ones. Thousands of Pose users are already uploading "Outfit of the Day" (OOTD) to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their personal blogs, says Alisa Gould-Simon, marketing and communication director of the company. The CEO Dustin Rosen adds that the "countless" Pose users have already posted their entire wardrobes in recent months.

The changes are likely to evoke a sense of habit in some users looking to share their fashion aesthetic with other people, and let's not forget that we live in the age of the image. Source: Proho.gr