The Children's Theatrical Performance "I Koutalou" today in Sotira

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"H Koutalou", the new children's play from the children's stage THEATER VESTIARIO by Giannis Spanos comes today at 4 pm at the Municipal Theater Sotira.

A work that both children and adults will love. Talented professional actors will take us to the Happy Village where there is only joy and happiness!

A pleasant, comic, magical, full of colors fairy tale that promises to transport young and old to the happy magical world of our good Koutalou.

CEB11 Theater

And Halima begins her tale…

The golden handsome king lives in his golden palace among his huge mirrors. Mirrors made of gold and silver that have human speech - invite children to imaginary worlds.

The king is beautiful but without a smile!

The poor on the other hand, who live in the Happy Village, are very happy and fortunate and they owe this to the good Koutalou who makes a delicious soup from simple ingredients helping every weak and poor.

A story between rich and poor!

A funny elf, a Smiling lady, talking mirrors, dancing flowers and two stairs that lead you from nowhere to joy and happiness!

All together they must convince the Golden King to accept the good Koutalou in the palace, because life wants simple things to be beautiful and beautiful.

Suitable for ages 2 and up.