Schultz: I express my full and unconditional support for your country

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The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis hosted a formal dinner in honor of the President of the European Parliament Mr. Martin Schultz.

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Speaking at the dinner, the President of the Republic said, among other things, that during today's meeting with Mr. Schultz "we had the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the negotiations aimed at achieving a comprehensive and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem that will reunite Cyprus and its people in a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

"We have also agreed that the Cyprus problem is a European problem and that the solution should be in line with the principles and values ​​of the EU, the guarantee of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots."

He added: "The European Parliament has played a vital role in promoting human rights and democracy as one of the EU's main objectives. In this context, President Schultz's presence in Cyprus, at this crucial crossroads in the negotiations, is extremely important ".

He also said that this year, Cyprus celebrates 12 years since joining the EU, which is its most important achievement since the country's declaration of independence.
Referring to the economic situation in Cyprus, President Anastasiadis pointed out that "today, we can proudly and confidently state that the Cypriot economy is recovering faster than anyone could have predicted.

"We have shown our European partners that the Cypriots are turning economic challenges into opportunities, an achievement we have achieved with vision, thorough planning and prudence."

President Anastasiadis also said that today the EU is facing two major crises: the scourge of terrorism and the massive flow of migrants, adding that "European solidarity can work if all Member States stick to this solidarity and defend our values ​​and achievements ".

Finally, President Anastasiadis thanked President Schultz for his personal interest and strong support in the efforts for the reunification of Cyprus.

For his part, President Schultz said, among other things, that he "is a citizen of a country that had the privilege of being reunited after 40 years of division, at a time when no one expected such a thing to be possible."

He added that 25 years have passed since the reunification of Germany, noting that "nothing is impossible. Everything is possible. "Nothing is easy, everything is difficult."

He also stressed that "it is not only my deep conviction that everything is possible, but it is a historical experience. "Something may be going on for a long time, but sooner or later you can not turn against history and, therefore, I am optimistic that one day, I hope soon, your country will be a reunited country."

The President of the European Parliament also pointed out that after the meeting he had today with political parties from both communities, he has the feeling that "nothing is easy, everything is difficult. "Nevertheless, I insist that anything is possible."

He added that "your island is in the middle of a very turbulent area. "A lasting stability in your country is a huge contribution to security for Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the world."

Mr. Schultz underlined that he is in Cyprus to express "on behalf of the members of the European Parliament and on behalf of the European Union, full and unconditional support to your country".

Concluding, the President of the European Parliament said: "Today I have witnessed your very effective management, Mr President, on the issue of hijacking. We are grateful that everything ended the way it did. "

Source: KYPE