Vote… in exchange: "Pay me the electricity to vote for you"

CEB1 1384 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News
CEB1 1384 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News

Dimitris Souglis, the left-wing candidate of DIKO in the province of Famagusta, shares the bad things of his pre-election campaign with his online friends via Facebook. He characteristically notes that he accepted many requests for a bribe in order to secure votes, but did not give up. It is noted that the journalist received 1.386 votes and failed to get elected.

Such a post:

"Especially as a journalist, I find it useful to share with you some of the negative and bad incidents during my election campaign. I did not meet ANY "requirement". And if I could respond I would NOT do it and I would answer that "what you are doing is wrong, vote again". So there are some things that need to be said. It concerns people who approached me or called me and I quote to you their "attacks" that were "very serious" and were not joking:

-I want you to give me € 300 to vote for you
-find me a halitiko to make a paddock with animals and you have 10 votes
-find my son's job and we will vote for you
-pay me the electricity and I will vote for you
-if you do not make us a table to come and eat, how will we vote for you?
-do you come back with the TOYOTA and wait for the people to vote for you?
-to paint our house, they left us like this, yes we are shielding
-the club has expenses. Whoever pays us, we will vote for him!

It's still too much but you got I think an idea. It's one of those cases where you really say "people are wanted" σήμερα I quoted a sample of negative incidents today. Most of what I met, however, were about our honest fellow citizens (I must clarify), who I admired, who accepted me and spoke to me with a lot of love, wisdom, pain unfortunately, and morality! ”

Source: Phileleftheros